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Website Struggles?

Whether it is a brand new website you'd like to create or modifying your current business website, My 7+ years working on website design and development for multiple creative clients - can deliver only what you need. 
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Let's build a website you're proud of.

Hi there - My name is Taylor.   

I work for clients, building and maintaining websites for them, to help them grow their business, standout, and set them up for success. You most likely are here because of one of my clients:)

 If you feel you are distracted by maintaining your current website, or get face-flushing anxiety about building a new one: I am here to the rescue.

New Websites: Limited Availability for 2016.

For taking on top-to-bottom new website projects, I have limited availability and work only through referrals. Why? My past clients have an impeccable radar for sending over folks that have similar website goals to them, and match my skills for delivering. However, submit your project below and if availability is open-- you will receive a project estimate. If no availability, I will quickly let you know prior to creating and sending an estimate. Thanks!
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Have a website and need Ongoing changes?

Each year, I work with past and new clients that have websites but need ongoing help to keep it fresh. This includes items like style/visual changes, updates on current features, changing photos, adding new email addresses, and the like. Small things I can quickly implement.

Below, I offer a $99/month plan that includes: 4 tasks each month, 1 "office" session call or face-to-face meeting a month to discuss any items needed, 10% discount on project estimates (discount is for bigger projects that take more time for me to implement for you; you get 10% off each project needed vs.  full price for new, non-monthly, Up Foundry Website Clients), FREE website backups done weekly for your website that I keep secure on file, and Training/Ongoing support if you'd like to learn more about working with your website. 

Need more details including eligible tasks, details, and FAQ's? Click Here.

One Price
$ 99 /mo
Small tasks + Save hundreds on
project estimates
Make me a Monthly Client
4 tasks a month

I cover 4 tasks for you each month, at no extra charge. more info here.

1 Hour a month Office Hour

Schedule a time to chat with Taylor on small needs each month for your website.

Full WebSite Backups

Full weekly  backups of your website in case of emergencies. 

10% discount on Project Estimates

Non-monthly members pay full price for any estimates I give for work needed. You get 10%. 

Training & Ongoing Support

I am in the business to help you learn as we go.